Bournville Covid-19 Response & Support from Bournville Hub


During the Covid-19 national emergency, Bournville Hub has repurposed to become a centre for Community Support rather than a meeting place.

Determined to do all that we can to support the local community who we serve year-round through this crisis, we have redeployed one of Hub Managers to a new role of Volunteers & Logistics Co-ordinator to meet the need for Community Support.

We are fully supporting the grassroots Bournville Covid-19 Support Group and, with local resident Lisa Gee who formed this group, have worked to recruit over 900 volunteers who have been organised into Street Champions leading teams of Street Friends on nearly every single road in Bournville.

The role of the Street Champion & Friends is to look out for the elderly, vulnerable and Shielding Households on their roads. The Street Champions & Friends nearly all live on the roads they are serving so that they can better support their neighbours and so that those neighbours have someone close by that they call upon for help.

Bournville Hub are working very closely with local Community Stakeholders so that we can identify and swiftly meet immediate needs. For example, Bournville Hub brought together a group of local community groups to arrange delivery of emergency food parcels when supermarkets were lacking stock and people couldn’t get an online delivery.

On this page you will find key information – whether you are a Street Champion or a local resident. We list FAQs and we signpost lots of local services. Our hope is that you can easily find the help you may need.

With our very best wishes,

Sarah Mullen, John Dolan and Moira Wright

Trustees of Bournville Hub CIO


How can I contact my street champion?

If you join the following Facebook group, Admin can help you to connect with your Street Champion:

If you are not on Facebook, please email with your details.

Street champions – how to deliver a food box.

If you are delivering food boxes (or medication) to people who are shielding, please ensure you are feeling well and do not have COVID 19 symptoms of a persistent cough or high fever.

Please follow guidance on cleaning your vehicle, which includes regular washing of all frequently touched surfaces, such as steering wheel, hand brake, door handles and seat belt fasteners with routine cleaning products.

Please also make sure you wash your hands regularly before and during deliveries, or use hand gels.

Please also carry tissues in your vehicle to catch any sneezes and dispose of used tissues as soon as possible, then wash your hands.

Food or medications delivered should be left at the door to minimise contact. You must not go into the house and they must not leave their house to meet them.

To make the delivery, leave the box by the door and ring the bell or knock the door. Step 2 meters away and wait to make sure they have heard. Many shielding families will not open the door, however these families will tend to notify us of this.

I need to collect a prescription – is it safe to do so?

Local chemists are still open but be warned that they are operating strict social distancing and limiting people entering their shop. Many chemists are offering delivery services for those isolating as well as our Street Champions. The government will also be offering support for shielding families with the GoodSam initiative.

I am struggling to get food delivered to my house/ Bournville relative, can you suggest anybody local?

There are some Bournville businesses who are offering local deliveries. These include:

  • Leverton and Halls – 0121 451 1246
  • Bournville Bread Basket – 0121 471 1420
  • The Really Good Food Company - 07305 764 694

I have had somebody offering to help me. How will I know if they are actually scammers?

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has urged the public, especially vulnerable people to be extra vigilant as there are fraudsters trying to exploit the coronavirus situation for their own illicit gain and to follow the advice of Action Fraud and West Midlands Police in taking the right action to keep themselves safe online and with scammers going door-to-door.

What services is Bournville Village Trust offering?

Bournville Village Trust (BVT) is the local social housing association. During the Covid-19 crisis BVT has launched some new services open to all Bournville residents, not just tenants as follows:-

An advice service offering impartial welfare, benefit and income information and signposting to anyone worried about money in our communities. Residents do not have to be BVT tenants to use the service and it can be accessed by calling 0300 333 6540 and asking to speak to a member of our Income team.

A general advice service for queries residents may have about the coronavirus and their community, offering signposting and guidance about community partners who need volunteers, foodbank access, mental health services and more. To use the service, which is open to all, residents can call 0300 333 6540 or email

A befriending service that ‘checks in’ over the phone or via email on the most vulnerable residents and those most in need. Residents do not have to be BVT tenants to use this service. If you know a person in our communities who could benefit from a phone call from us, please get in touch on 0300 333 6540 or email

A shopping / food parcel delivery service to directly support the great work of our partners the B30 Foodbank and the Northfield Community Partnership/B31 Voices/ Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme.

For a full list of all the different services provided by Bournville community groups click the button below

If you need to access Birmingham City Council services, here is a list of Useful Numbers:-