Jumping Sharks and Dropping Mics

7:30pm – 9:00pm

Mic drop. Groundhog Day. Dead cat strategy. Where on earth do these phrases come from?

Gareth Carrol presents a collection of "modern idioms", which have become a part of our vocabulary.

In most cases, idioms such as "raining cats and dogs" are deeply rooted in culture and history. However, just like words, new idioms emerge in language, and many have entered our vocabulary through TV, movies and the internet.

In his amusing and fascinating new book Jumping Sharks and Dropping Mics Gareth Carrol unveils the origins of these idioms.

A brilliant event for wordsmiths, lexicographers, film buffs, social animals and Wordle-players.

Gareth Carrol is a senior lecturer and researcher in linguistics at the University of Birmingham.


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