Commonwealth Story Trail: Bournville Commonwealth Games Festival

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Room: Bournville Park

As part of Bournville Commonwealth Games Festival, you'll find a trail of stories from Commonwealth countries in every continent.

They'll take you to sunny shores, icy kingdoms and dusty playgrounds - and we hope they'll bring the lives and dreams of our Commonwealth friends a little closer to home, as Birmingham hosts the 2022 Games.

We hope you enjoy coming across them - and the trail gives you a new way of enjoying our beautiful park.

Bournville Hub has funded this project, and we're delighted that the stories will be enjoyed by everyone going to the Bournville Commonwealth Games Festival.

All the stories are taken from A River of Stories: Tales and Stories from Across the Commonwealth and reproduced for the story trail with kind permission by The Commonwealth Education Trust, which develops professional skills of teachers across the Commonwealth.

  • The Sea is a Mystery by Kay Polydore (Book 1, p59) Dominica
  • The Two Crabs Adapted from a retelling by Manel Ratnatunga (Book 1, p58) Sri Lanka
  • Being Free by Christine Gustave (Book 1 p97) St Lucia
  • Sailing Under Moonlit Skies By Farah Didi (p73 Book 1) Maldives
  • Right Here Was the Ocean By Zehra Nigah (p92, Book 1) Pakistan
  • The Ice King By A. B. Demille (p141-2, Bookl) Canada
  • An Invitation by Heather Archibold (Book 2, p12) St Kitts and Nevis
  • Mother Nature Makes Rain by Ivenia Benjamin (Book 2, p33-4) Dominica
  • Trails by Eva Johnson (Book 2, PI 11) Australia
  • Take off Your Shoes by Jully Sipolo (Book 2 p112) Solomon Islands
  • I Have Been to the Village By Patu Simoko (Book 2 p154) Zambia
  • Flight of the Roller Coaster by Raymond Souster (Book 3, p43) Canada
  • Surprised by Heather Archibold (Book 3 p88 ) St Kitts and Nevis
  • Children Playing By John Cremona (Book 3 p135) Malta
  • The Legend of the Moon and the Sun retold (Book 3 p136-7) Vanuatu
  • Rhythms of the Dance, Lukas Mkuti (Book4, p12) Mozambique
  • Mama, by Steve Nii Kwashi Roberts For Mama and all childless mothers (Book 4 p 127) Dominica

Bournville Commonwealth Games Festival is led by Friends of Bournville Park and funded by a grant from Birmingham City Council's Celebrating Communities fund.