Bournville: An Audience with Jonathan Coe

7:30pm – 9:00pm

Room: The University of Birmingham School

Join us for a very special evening. We are honoured to host the book launch of award-winning and bestselling author Jonathan Coe's brand new novel Bournville - in the heart of the Bournville Village Trust estate!

Jonathan Coe will be interviewed by John Dolan, one of the Trustees of Bournville Hub and the retired Director of Library Services for Birmingham.

Tickets include a SIGNED copy of the hardback book (RRP £20) and you will get your signed copy of Bournville 3 days before the publication date!

For eleven-year-old Mary and her family in 1945, Bournville is the centre of the world. The reason their streets smell faintly of chocolate, the place where most of their friends and neighbours have worked for decades.

Mary will go on to live through seventy-five years of social change, from the Coronation and the World Cup final, to royal weddings, royal funerals, Brexit and Covid-19. She'll have children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Parts of the chocolate factory will be transformed into a theme park, as modern life and the city crowd in on their peaceful enclave. Will these changing times bring Mary's family - and their country - closer together, or leave them more adrift and divided than ever before?

'It is miraculous how, in his new novel, Coe has created a social history of postwar Britain as we are still living it. Bournville is a beautiful, and often very funny, tribute to an underexamined place and also a truly moving story of how a country discovered tolerance'

Sathnam Sanghera, bestselling author of Empireland


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