The Bookshop on the Green

Inspiring Curiosity. Sparking Conversations.

We are temporarily closed due to the unprecedented covid-19 situation.

Illustration by James Mayhew

Welcome to Birmingham’s only independent bookshop – The Bookshop on the Green, which is nestled in the heart of Bournville, Birmingham.

Our shop windows overlook the beautiful Bournville Village Green, where we love to watch the changing of the seasons. Our back windows face the iconic Bournville chocolate factory, founded by the Cadbury brothers. There is often a delicious smell of chocolate in the air!

We LOVE books and everything that a good book can inspire.

From seeing a young child captivated by a beautifully illustrated picture book to losing ourselves in an author’s imaginary world.

From being challenged in our thinking by new ideas to seeing the world afresh.

From curling up with a good book to having a great conversation about a book.

From laughing out loud or being moved to tears by a book.

“This is great. I don't have to traipse into town or inflate the profits of a multinational company to get hold of a particular book.

I can use a friendly and efficient small shop that gets hold of books quickly and benefits the local community. I heartily recommend it.”
John N

We passionately believe books have so much to offer. In an uncertain world we need independent bookshops that inspire our curiosity, spark conversations, and provide us with a vital community space where we can share ideas. A place where we can introduce and gently guide our children to a love of books and then have the joy of accompanying them on their reading journey.

The Bookshop on the Green is a small acorn but from small acorns mighty oaks grow!

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to enjoy proper browsing, great conversation, homemade cake, and our authors’ events - and all in a lovely, community building.

If you would like a particular book, we are happy to say that we can order it in up to 500,000 different titles. You can place your order at or call us on 0121 472 7989.